Sunday, June 20, 2010

everything is new

tomorrow, i'll start my new life,
in new place,
with some old friends and many new friends..

of course, the environment there will be
something new to me,
i might get alone in hard time there,
or maybe someone would turn back for me..

i don't care what is waiting for me there,
but i'll fight till the end!!!

i might get homesick there, (haha)
but everything is under my control..

i have endured it before,
i want to repeat the history
and make it bettter than before..

i'm not you,
i'm just myself,
but at least i know my own good
and bad points..

i know my own target
and i realise that
i have to pay for

it would be a great sacrifice..
but it doesn't matter..

as long as i get what i want..

and for you,
all the best for your life..
take care of yourself,
i won't be there to help us as always,
but my pray is always with u..

keep me in ur heart...

no matter we are,
we're fighting together..

Allah is always there with u..
get closer to Him..