Sunday, September 05, 2010

that's how is it

i read a blog just now.. (saja nak melepaskan rindu)

but then,
suddenly, i read out this part,
when someone said that there's no latest news about me..
i'm really sorry for that..
maybe it's my fault for not always contacting my friends after i entered kmb..
but, how can i say about this??
every day, i will go through the same routine..
go to class, get assignments, and usually i sleep at evening because i'm so tired and as a preparation to stay up at night.. (hehe..)

that's my routine every day..

i took quite a longer time to adapt with kmb environment.. sometimes i just realised myself that i'm already in kmb... doing the so-tough and challenging ib.. but it's my choice to be here.. it's my dream that i want to pursue.. no one force me to be where i'm right now..

so, i'm going to finish it very nicely..

sometimes, i think that i better not online, if not, i'll get addicted with it..
just now, what had happened in the last 7 months holidays.. but i also cannot blame myself because getting online is no longer my addiction..

right now..
i'm being STUDYHOLIC..

being here,
study always comes first..
i'm trying out 1 new thing..
i myself don't know whether i'm going to have it or not..
but i pray to Allah that,
if it's the best for me, i'll carry it..
if it's not destined for me, it's okay..

i'll be grateful with what He gives to me..

to all my friends,
if i don't contact u always,
that doesn't mean i forget u..

but from that,
i learn how to appreciate u more...


no matter where u are,
please take care of yourself..
take care of your iman..

Allah will re-unite us one day...

princess note: if u love me, always pray that Allah will always strengthen my iman...

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