Friday, April 16, 2010

dear diary

assalamualaikum... hye <3

i'm just get started to do this, feel so curious on having my own blog.. hope this blog would last longer than before.. of coz, i have to make u guys know me first.. let's hear my story then..

namaku puteri ilah.. saje, suke mem'bajet' (ingt ape, ko tu puteri yg trun dri kyangan ke). npe aq nk wat blog nie eh? saje2, tgok org len ade blog, aq pn nk gak.. mmg fitrah mnusia, ape yg org laen ade, kta pn nak gak. but i found really strong reason of having this blog. i want 2 create my own diary, that can be shared wif others, lgpun diary nie last long, x lah hilang mcm diari aq yg dlu..

aq x mngharap rmai yg follow my blog, but i hope d feeling of satisfied after typing and tell evrything to this diary.. FYI, me is quite secretive.. i would think first b4 i tell sumbdy bout my feelings n etc.. i'm btter in lstening to other people's problems, sometimes I feel proud to be d first person dat my friends will refer to tell all their probs.. feel so easy to comfort them wif my magical words.. (agak k'bajetan' d sni)

so, dear diary, it's ur turn to listen to all my feelings n etc. hope u'll alwaiz b wif me n comfort me whenever I feel so bad, give me d spirit to stand up again after falling, I also want u to be d one that I can alwiz tell bout my success, mayb bout my dreams, n of coz about my CRUSH!!!

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