Thursday, April 22, 2010

i only want them

have u ever heard this song...

by: Wonder Girl

I want nobody nobody But you, I want nobody nobody But you,
How can I be with another, I don't want any other,
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I specially dedicated this chorus to you....

I want you...
u are the one that accept me as well I am
i feel secured with your worries
sometimes people feel that u are not good enough for me
but i know nobody perfect...

I want u...
even though your silent is everywhere
but i can feel your love
u don't have to be someone else
to be loved by me...

I want u...
sometimes i feel like u don't care to love
but i was proven wrong
u are better than me
to sacrifice for others' sake

I want u...
u grew up not in front of me
sometimes i feel like i'm the one
that deserve your place
because u are better than me

I want u...
i know we are not so close
like we used to be before
but right now,
i want to create another memory with u

I want u...
u said that i'm so noisy
u always argue with me
make me angry sometimes
but i'm proud i have u

I want u..
u are very good
in sulking
sometimes u pretend to hate me
but i know that u love me more by that way

I want u...
when i have u
i have a great company
to play, to gossip
i will always be there for u

i love you
so much
maybe u don't know this
because sometimes it's quite hard
to express my love
by words
read my love
treasure my love
by the way i scold u
by the way i refuse
by the way i angry
find my love
in every move
if u be more observant
u will know how much
i love u...

me will always love u..
believe in my love..

princess note: this dedicated to my beloved love love family... muahhh!!!


Asfarina =) said...

salam. i love u! ;))

oLie wakaka said...

untuk aku?? aku nk gak.. huhu

bazila said...

i love this song too!

princess ilah said...

asfa, love u too.. even da lame x jmpe, keep in touch k.. one day t, jmpe, insya'Allah..

ili, gdik ah.. nk cte psl kcing ke t.. haha.

ila, ila pn mnat lagu korea eh?? a'ah kn, sme jiwang karat cm kte.. huhu

I HAVE MY OWN WAY.. said...

"adapun jika kamu menyayangi seseorang, maka berdoalah demi kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan mereka"

princess ilah said...

btol btol tu, azfar..