Monday, April 19, 2010

what should i do?

what should i do?
before starting study again, maybe in another few weeks..
feel like i can't wait to meet new friends,
can't wait to create new history, moments..
i really can't wait for that moment...

i got matrix in n9, have to register on 10 may..
but my parents asked to wait for upu result.

my heart said, "Let's wait for the mara interview result".
my head said, "If u don't get the scholarship?"
my heart replied, "Then, it's ok.. there must be good reason if Allah has set me to study local"
head: "U don't jealous with others who got the scholarship?"
heart: "Quite jealous, but i grateful, because i have got something better, as long as i study well, i can create the history anywhere"
head: "What if others make fun of you for not studying in oversea?"
heart; "So what, like I care if they make fun of me, who are they to judge me so badly like that, i only can pray for their success always, hope one day i can prove to them that finally the will to succeed is going to win..

no matter what will be the result on this 17 may, i only hope that Allah will make me strong to face anything that will come ahead..

if i got the scholarship, ya Allah, please guide me and never leave me, even I'll leave my parents, but ya Allah, please remind me to always be with you, until forever, made me strong to face the obstacle that awaiting for me in the future, fulfill all my dream to achieve everything i want.. alhamdulillah ya Allah..

if i don't get the scholarship, alhamdulillah ya Allah, for deciding the best for me.. alhamdulillah ya Allah.. make me stronger to face everything that came ahead in my studies, guide me closer to you, ya Allah.. make me full of spirit to achieve my dreams, so one day, i can help my family, ya Allah..

amin ya rabbal 'alamin..

i'm not going to give up on a thing that i don't get started yet!!!
my greatest glory in not in never falling, but keep rising up every time i fall.


izzah amirah said...

fadno,smoge allah izinkan kite berdua dan lelain utk ke oversea..
hope we are in the 1000 short listed..
lets tawakal to allah, pray to Allah
and hope that allah izinkan coz allah itulah tuhan yg maha mengizinkan..insya allah..amin..

princess ilah said...

insya'Allah.. amin..
tq izzah =)

nurul syiera said...

ya allah..
kau makbulkanlah doa sahabatku ini..
semoga tercapai segala impiannya..

dear, i'll always support u....

Ahmad Sharil said...

terasa aq one of yang da bersedia nak gelakkan kau..
kau doakan aq gak..
aq nak fly~ jugak..
Allah itu adil,
kalau kita x dpt,
mesti ada org lain yg berhak dan lebih memerlukannya,
aper2 pun,
insyAllah kau boleh..
same here..
even blog ni aq gelar
sebab mmg x tahan x lawa,
tp content ok.
tp ala2 lorong hajah fadnorlah..

princess ilah said...

eleh.. ahmad sharil ramli nmpknyer cmburu ye dgn blog princess ilah yg lawa nie.. xpe2.. asalkn ko hepi.. haha

Asfarina =) said...

sharil tuh over je! ;D

okie fadhilah, suka2 entry nih!
hee..kalo kite mmg local ja kut.
kalo de rzki nty bwt mster baru fly. amin~
doa je byk2..mudah2an niat murni jd dr tuh dpermudahkan Allah, insya-Allah..pediatric ryte?
i wish to be a dentist one day! ;)
all the bast ya! together we strive towrds excellence!

princess ilah said...

asfa ingt agy eh kte nk jadi pediatric dlu?? skunk, da b'ubah.. jadi cardiothoracic surgeon lak.. huhu..
insya'Allah.. moga2 kta dpt jd dr sprti yg diidamkan... amin..
yeah, aja aja fighting!!!! =)