Sunday, April 18, 2010

so tired

hmm,, today i was so busy... (like d first lady)

hope it's not too late to wish both of them..
hepi bufday to my brothers, Muhammad Nor Faris and Muhammad Nor Fadhli..
u are getting older.. (da bkedut, mcm org tua),

wanna hear my melodious voice?? u want or not, u hve to hear it..
Happy bufday to you,
happy bufday to you,
happy bufday to both of you
happy bufday to you!!!

i dun have any present for ryte now.. dun worry, after i'm being a doctor, i'll buy some present for both of u k!!! muahhhhh!!!!

today, i also spent some time in naddy's house.. we haven't seen each other since she moved into another residential area.. miss her so much.. first, watching skrip 707 and then chermin.. wow,, not so scary but suspense... she has d potential to be a great cook (puji la sket, pnat tu dia msak spageti).. then, we had a walk to a swimming pool nearby.. lots of secret bout what has happened at this swimming pool.. i couldn't stop laughing when thinking bout tuttttttttttttt... kah3...

next time, i'll tell u... rite now, my family are going to celebrate their bufday.. ape lagi, mkn2 la.. nmpknya buncit lagi la aq nie.. haiyooo!!!

p/s: yesza, smlm MU mnang lwan MCity... go go go!!!! beat Chelsea....

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